Welcome to "We Support Peace" - a grassroots movement dedicated to declaring a peaceful resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli struggle. Our effort is focused on displaying a banner in the front yard of houses of worship across the U.S. The banner proclaims: We Support Peace with Justice For Palestinians and Israelis. It is our hope that various religious institutions will choose to publicly reflect their congregants wishes for a peaceful solution to the decades old conflict in the Middle East. In light of the most recent war, violence and devastation, there is an immediate need and urgent opportunity to advance this cause of peace. We hope that a strong public demonstration of support for peace with justice from people all across America will encourage political leaders to make the decisions necessary to end this tragic conflict.


We are a coalition of faith groups dedicated to encouraging peace with justice for Palestinians and Israelis. We believe that a public declaration of peace displayed by a banner in the front lawns of houses of worship will encourage the parties to move forward with a peaceful solution. We rely upon the generous support of individual donors and supporters such as yourself to propel this project across the religious communities in America, and across the world. Please visit this link to donate. .